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Caring for your Couture Apron
Due to the delicate nature of the fabrics and trims, it is recommended that Apron Elegance Couture Aprons are dry clean only. These aprons are custom-designed, hand cut, hand sewn, original works that require specific care.  The hostess aprons should be cared for in a similar manner as a wedding dress or ball gown. 

Hostess aprons should be stored hanging in a dry environment to preserve the shape of the aprons and the fullness of the tulle petticoats.  Beware of metal skirt hangers that may leave indentions in the fabric.  Placing a bit of foam or tissue between the metal clamps will help to protect the fabric. 

Many customers hang their aprons on walls in their kitchens to display as art when they are not wearing the aprons.  Please hang aprons away from the stove where it may attract cooking odors, grease or a flammable reaction.

If you stain your apron, note the substance (butter, wine, chocolate) and take it to the drycleaners immediately to avoid allowing the stain to set.  The local drycleaner will have solvents capable of handling most stains.