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As Featured at the Duluth Women's Expo
Worry-Free Buffets | Fun | Recipes

Worry-Free Buffets for Easy Entertaining

Everyone’s Favorite Potluck
Potluck is the most traditional and easy to accomplish a party buffet.  Ask friends and relatives to bring their most famous dishes.  The buffet planner can make sure there is enough variety.  Often, the host of the party provides the main course or meat dish and everyone else contributes the bread/salads/veggies/desserts. (It is so affordable and easy to cater out ribs or prime rib or turkey or some other main course protein. Don’t be shy about taking this short cut.)

  • Make a list

  • Call everyone and gain commitment/copy of recipe

  • Remind with e-mail of call to confirm

Extra Touches:  Framed Menu listing each cook and respective dish

*This is the perfect opportunity to begin collecting family recipes.  You can add them to a website or print up for party favors.  Print out, glue onto index cards, punch holes and tie with ribbon.  Also, this makes a great Christmas gift and is even better if you can get photos at the party to put with the recipes for later.

Hamburger/Chili/Hotdog/Brat Buffet

Grilling hamburgers, hotdogs or brats is inexpensive and fun.  It’s even better if you offer loads of unique and traditional toppings. (This principle works for SOOOO many buffets.)  Bowls of onion, cheese, bacon, salsa, relish, jalapenos, sour kraut and veggies make wonderful buffets.  They look indulgent and satisfy even the pickiest eaters.  I like to offer Black Bean Burgers (Morning Star Brand) for those who are health conscious or vegetarians.

Also, during grilling season—appoint one person to be the grille master. 

Movie-themed or Oscar Parties are EASY

Wine/Cheese or Beer/Chips; Fruit Traditional Hot dip like Artichoke Dip

Show a movie or watch the Oscars and pour movie candies into bowls and allow guests to scoop it out---popcorn toppings---parm, flavors, cayenne pepper and others are readily available in the popcorn section of the grocery store.

Ice Cream Buffet

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry:  As many toppings as you can find: cherries, nuts, whipped cream, bananas split, mini choc chips, hot fudge, caramel