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Unforgettable Birthday Parties:  Cakes, Food and Fun
Enjoy these tips for putting together a spectacular birthday party.

Music and Games

Music livens up any crowd.  Even little kids love to dance.  Recruit a volunteer to put together song lists to put onto an MP3 player and ask that person to navigate the songs.  Keep songs to a theme/era/generation or follow heritage and traditions—take a cue from weddings…chicken dance or polka. 

A quick script or itinerary can help the music guru stay-on track at the party.  Song List Examples:

·         Mingling with arriving guests

·         Songs to be performed

·         Twist Contest

·         Background Music for Eating

·         Party Winding UP Music

Any party can have live entertainment with a Karaoke Machine.  Rentals are nice because they come with large songbooks.  You can have programmed Karaoke—where guests have been asked prior to the party to prepare a song and follow it up with open mic performances. 

Finally, nothing says party like a costumed party.   Want to throw an eighties party?  Invite everyone to come dressed in 80s garb and recruit some impersonators like Olivia Newton John and Michael Jackson. 

Bingo cards work for almost any age—picture cards available at Party America for small kids.  Prizes make Bingo fun for all ages and an excellent activity to kill time before a surprise birthday party.

Divide people into groups and make them compete.  When one group wins they get a point.  Best out of 9 questions wins.

Dance Contest
Run one song and then choose 2 people to “dance off.”  Birthday guest chooses winner!